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human hair extension US
Human Hair Extension US
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Best Hair Extensions in USA, are named by the press the hair extensions done at The New York Salon Spa in  NYC and Long Island NY, the best hair extensions for fine hair, recognized as the hair extensions of best quality, also as the best hair extensions in USA. Hair Infusion Extensions can convert thin and fine hair into a full and thicker hairstyle, short hair styles can also be kept to its short length but with greater volume. These hair extensions also work perfect as the best hair extensions for African American hair. Just see for yourself the hair extensions before and after pictures!


Human Hair Extensions US


Rodolfo Valentin offers most types of human hair extensions US make available on the market today. They own the trademark of the best hair extensions technique that everybody wants to have: Hair Infusion. They are the trademark owner of this heavily requested hair extensions system, and at present, nobody has been licensed to use it. Rodolfo Valentin salons specialize in hair extensions for both women and men. Only real hair is used, including European hair, virgin hair, and Remy hair; all are 100% real human hair.

Best Hair Extensions United States
Best Hair Extensions United States
Best Hair Extensions United States
Rodolfo Valentin has tested all types of hair extensions currently available and has traveled the world to perfect them to realize the best hair extensions United States can deal.  These salons staff is the expert on the hair extensions that every other salon wants to reproduce. We offer the best assortment of services in the trade. Our salon's reputation is famous for its superb line of products and attention to the needs of our clients, servicing the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, tri-state area, including our award winning Long Island Beauty Center.  Rodolfo Valentin has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1965. 
Our original New York City hair salon has been incorporating and performing hair extensions since 1984, starting with the first generation of hair fusion type extensions and subsequently developing Rodolfo's own trademarked Hair Infusion Extensions® technique.  We are named top 10 salons in New York for best extensions in New York. This unique extension method was developed specially for women with thin hair, but because no heat is required, the hair infusion, hair extensions, technique, was adapted to all hair types for increased safety and to avoid damaging the client's real hair. Weaves with braids are too damaging on fine hair. The hair extensions are sandwiched directly to the base of the client's hair with a protein solution, avoiding heat that can damage a client's existing hair. This hair addition, hair extension, works beautifully on Caucasian, Hispanic, ethnic hair. This hair extension will also not break a client's existing hair when removed.
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Best Hair Extensions in USA
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